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Matiim, has an extensive experience across diverse industries. Our customized approach and team brings a deep expertise of knowledge in different industries and solution for business challenges occurring across various function. We help our clients in measuring the challenges as well as available solutions to take data driven decision making.

Our services are designed across various industries and focus areas and our specific teams are providing customized solutions and amalgamate deep industry expertise and insights from core of the industries with the help global consulting partners network. We always strive to provide the breakthrough and fresh panoramic and business insights to help our clients in setting up new industry standards.


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  1. Personal

  2. Cosmetics

  3. Household & Hygiene

  4. Fabric & Laundry Care

  5. Feminine and Baby care

  6. Health & Grooming

  7. Apparels

  8. Sports Equipment's

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Pharma & Life Sciences

  1. Pharmaceuticals

  2. Life Sciences

  3. Medical Devices Biotechnology

  4. Consumer Health

  5. Nutraceuticals

  6. Agribiotech

  7. Sports Nutrition

  8. Animal Health

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Food & Beverage

  1. Food

  2. Beverages

  3. Vegetables and produce

  4. Animal Food

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Energy & Chemicals

  1. Oil & Gas

  2. Chemical and Materials

  3. Specialty Materials & Chemicals

  4. Petrochemicals

  5. Alternate Energy

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Home Appliances

  1. Kitchen Devices

  2. Home Care

  3. Laundry

  4. Comfort Devices

  5. Consumer Electronics

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  1. Packaging

  2. Pharmaceuticals

  3. Food and Beverages

  4. Automotive

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    1. Heavy and Light Vehicles

    2. Specialty Vehicle

    3. Hybrid vehicle

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  1. Animal Husbandry

  2. Farm Equipment

  3. Aquaculture

  4. Direct Sales/Multi Level Marketing

Solutions for corporate stakeholders

Matiim provides expertise support to cross functional teams for informed decision making for corporate stakeholders. We have designed our solution for all major stake holder in corporate value chain i.e. strategy and operation functions. Strategy supports services are more inclined towards identifying new challenges, defining business metrices, assessing the drivers, trends and planning for the future course of actions

Matiim support services for operational functions are designed for operation teams engages in product development, testing, evaluation, regulatory management, manufacturing, packaging and life cycle support functions., We have customized solution for each of these operational teams to support in identifying the challenges and supporting them for accessing probable technical and business solutions.

Strategy Function

Corporate Leadership/Group/Vertical Head

  1. Key Driver Analysis

  2. White Space Identification

  3. Competitors Benchmarking & Score Card Analysis

  4. Regulatory & Risk Assessment

  5. Trend Analysis & Trends Validation

  6. Best In Class Industry Practice Assessment

Open Innovation

  1. Market Assessment For New Or Existing Technologies

  2. Early Stage Technology Assessment

  3. External Partner Identification

  4. Start-up Assessment

  5. Evaluation Of External & Internal Opportunities

  6. Identifying The Potential Opportunities & Associated Risks Of Investing In A New Technology Areas

Strategy Team/Category Leaders

  1. Consumer Behavior Analysis

  2. Business Model Assessment

  3. Opportunity Area Evaluation

  4. Competitor Best Practices

  5. Manufacturing Challenges

  6. Generic Competition Analysis

  7. Rx To OTC Switch Strategy

  8. Licensing & Acquisition Target Assessment

Operational Function

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Consumer Insight & Business Intelligence

  1. Market opportunity assessment

  2. Market penetration strategy assessment

  3. Consumer behavior & perception analysis

  4. Ethnographic expert search

  5. Epidemiology Analysis

  6. Evaluation front-end sales, display patterns and product offers

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R&D /Product Development

Product Development

  1. Product landscape

  2. Technology landscapes

  3. Technology scouting

  4. Literature and scientific research

  5. Product claims assessment

  6. Technology/product/ competitor benchmarking


  1. Clinical landscapes

  2. Pipeline assessment

  3. Competitive intelligence

  4. Conference coverage

  5. Clinical review assessment


  1. Patent and non patent searches

  2. IP landscapes

  3. Patent portfolio assessment

  4. Patent benchmarking

  5. Competitive strategy

  6. Licensing studies


  1. Regulatory scenario analysis

  2. Regulatory approval strategy

  3. Rx to OTC switch

  4. Competitive intelligence

  5. Regulatory filing and product approval strategy

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  1. Manufacturer identification & landscaping

  2. Manufacturer benchmarking

  3. Manufacturer capability assessment

  4. Technology developer assessment

  5. Cost reduction & process optimization strategies

  6. Competitive Intelligence

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  1. Product designers & ethnographic expert assessment

  2. Best in class packaging processes & technologies

  3. Smart, intelligence and weight reduction packaging

  4. Technology landscape and scouting

  5. Packaging developer identification & capability assessment

  6. Competitive Intelligence

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Sales Marketing

  1. Distribution channel analysis

  2. Sales force assessment

  3. Brand tracking

  4. Company profiling

  5. Competitive landscaping

  6. Segmentation strategy & targeting

  7. Social media analytics

  8. Go to market strategy assessment

  9. Product launch and pricing strategy

  10. Messaging and positioning assessment

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  1. Brand extension strategies

  2. New market assessment

  3. Complementary services

  4. Product portfolio management