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Matiim, believes intellectual property as a large pool of techno-legal data which is helpful intaking business, commercial and strategic decisions. Thorough, timebound screening and analytics approach of this data can be used to define various stages in product development, its protection and life cycle management and to take major business and legal decisions. Matiim’s IP experts help clients ease their processes on IP intelligence activity by increasing their productivity and decreasing the risks in the innovation process.

Our team has extensive experience in IP research, technology scouting & strategy consulting.

Our Solutions

Matiim’s IP services are categorized into four major categories i.e. IP searches, Analytics, Competitive IP Intelligence and Licensing and Commercial Research Services. The services are designed and formulated to target different stakeholders in R&D i.e. IP Counsels, Attorneys, R&D managers, Open Innovation experts, Regulatory Personnel's and Category Managers. Matiim’s IP solutions are an output driven approach that helps client in taking IP related decisions and formulate IP strategy of organization. We operate across the complete spectrum of non-legal IP services.

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Matiim’s IP team consist of highly experienced patent researchers and it uses a comprehensive approach in patent searches across various databases, geographies, classes etc.

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Competitive intelligence professionals helping clients in understanding the competitive strategies in technology development, R&D direction and market of interest

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IP professionals help in answering the most critical business insights using patents and analytics tools.

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Our IP experts help the client to evaluate the potential licensing opportunities that exists in internal/ external environment

Our Key Services

  1. Novelty/patentability searches

  2. Freedom to operate/clearance searches

  3. State-of-the-art searches

  4. Non-patent literature searches

  5. Validity/invalidity searches

  6. Trademark searches

  1. Landscape studies & whitespace analysis

  2. Innovation/technology scouting

  3. Technology road mapping

  4. Technology/patent/ benchmarking

  1. Competitors’ patent filing strategies

  2. Portfolio analysis/categorization

  3. Patent/IP watch

  4. R&D road mapping & structuring

  5. Competitors’ benchmarking

  6. Citation analysis

  7. Legal status tracking

  8. Assignment updates studies

  1. Patent in/Out licensing studies

  2. Licensee identification

  3. Technology valuation

  4. IP due diligence


Sample Credential 1: Freedom to Operate: Inflight Refueling System

Client Background
  1. Our client, a defense equipment, fighter jets and helicopter design and manufacturing company with annual revenues in excess of USD 8 billion

Study Objective
  1. Client was interested to conduct an FTO in the space of in-flight refueling systems in order to identify potential freedom to operate constraints. The company wished to use this information to inform itself of potential third-party patents which it would need to license in order to bring its own technology platform to market in the US and Europe; and in doing so to also identify potential downstream business partners

Matiim Methodology & Approach
  1. Keyword and IPC Search: Performed a first stage patent search using keywords to ensure comprehensiveness; also performed a second-stage search using IPC/US classes

  2. Analyzed patents primarily based on the title and abstract. Keyword assistance was taken to understand the specific feature requirements of formulations/combinations

  3. Citation Analysis: Conducted forward citation analysis of relevant patents till three levels in the citation tree to source patent references citing similar formulation patents

  4. Assignee Search: Identified key assignees during the above searches as well as top players in this space. Also conducted exhaustive assignee-based searches for complete competitor coverage

  5. Inventor Search: Identified the top 20 inventors of domain and performed the inventor based searches

  6. Further analysis of the claims within the related third party patents and pending applications identified. This helped to identify patents which the company will require a license in order to bring its own products to market in key geographic territories, as well as a number of patents for which other strategies could be used to work around the potential freedom to operate constraints

Benefits and Outcomes of our Engagement
  1. A comprehensive report was prepared covering company overall patents surrounding the company’s proprietary technology platform. The report identified a number of third party patents, which could be problematic in respect of freedom to operate in different geographic territories and in consultation with the client these patents were analyzed in further detail.

  2. Provided results were ranked and categorized based on their ranking and relevance in given technology area

  3. The outcome from further analysis provided a clear in-licensing and/or partnering strategy, which the company can adopt in order to ensure it can bring products to market using its core technology platform

Sample Credential 2: IP Landscape-child resistant packaging

Study Snapshot

Our client, a US based healthcare company was interested to carry out a technology landscape around child resistant packaging. The objective was to get an idea about innovation activities in this domain.

Matiim carried out the study at global level and provided the following insights:

  1. Overall patent filing activities in last 10 years

  2. Patent filing trends around key assignees

  3. Key research area in domain

  4. Global innovation hotspots

  5. Overview of Legal status of the IP

  6. Key & most forward citing patents


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