Market & Business Intelligence

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Matiim's Market and Business Intelligence group consist of experts from various industries who understand market, trends strategies and are able to formulate best play strategy. We answer critical business questions using a unique combination of highly customized quantitative as well as qualitative research to provide a holistic solution. We support our clients in gaining insights around industries, competitors, customers which help drive effective decisions about market entry, sales and marketing strategy.

Matiim brings tailored and recommended market solutions in collaboration with its consulting partner network and sector and technical partners. We work with multidisciplinary teams within Matiim's and its global network to provide insights for a business case which helps bring valuable transformation across the organization value chain.

Our solutions are designed around strategy and intelligence support required at corporate leaders and Brand managers

Strategy Support

  1. Market Entry Strategies

  2. Business Model Strategies

  3. Market Trend Validation

  4. Consumer Strategy

  5. New Product Development & Innovation

  6. Portfolio Management and Brand Expansion

  7. Social Media Strategy

  8. Cost Reduction and Sustainable Solutions

  9. Pricing and Launch Strategies

  10. Technology & R&D Strategies

Intelligence Support

  1. Intelligence Support

  2. Product Technology Company Valuation

  3. Business Planning

  4. Market Size, Share & Segmentation

  5. Product Landscape, Claims Assessment

  6. Market Assessment, Regulatory Challenges

  7. Product & Competitive Landscape

  8. Competitive Landscape

  9. Commercial Feasibility & Technology Valuations

  10. Licensing & Acquisition Targets

Our Solutions:

Customized solutioning for Corporate Leaders, Consumer Insights Sales and Marketing Managers enabling them to take informed decisions

Our Key Services

  1. Market sizing, segmentation, growth, drivers and challenges assessment

  2. Assessing the need and future market trends and its validation, industry trends analysis , best industry practices

  1. Go-to-market strategy; extensive study to identify new market/white space identification

  2. Business model assessment for market entry

  1. Understanding the customer base, loyalty to existing vendors and customer requirements

  2. Get a better understanding of consumer behavior, purchase pattern and preference

  1. Studying and analyzing the market reach (penetration rate and share) for a service and helping business pursue the most appropriate strategy

  1. Launch time and quantitative market forecast for drugs in development, future market potential

  2. Product development and launch strategies of competitors

  1. Market share analysis, key player identification and profiling, business strategy analysis

  2. Sales force assessment

  3. Messaging and positioning strategies

  4. Product claims assessment

  1. Drug/device pricing (margins applicable at price level) and reimbursement analysis by region/country

  2. Regulatory guidelines applicable across the therapy area in a region/country

  1. Techno commercial feasibility/ business plan

  2. Product/ technology/ company valuation


Sample Credential 1: Market Assessment: Non Drug Opportunities in Oncology

Client Background
  1. Our client, a large European pharmaceutical company with generic drug manufacturing and medical device capacity

Business Objective
  1. Client was interested to assess the key non drug based areas in the oncology space in the European region. The end objective of the client was to enter the French market with non drug therapies across the patient journey i.e. diagnosis, therapy and services.

Matiim Methodology & Approach
  1. Matiim scanned the domain carefully and evaluated the major non drug solutions in non drug based oncology solution

  2. Each of the identified area was further investigated to understand the current market scenario, competition, future growth, current and future market need and best possible business model for entry

  3. Insights gathered from research were validated in consultation with healthcare professionals, market leaders and key players

Benefits and Outcomes of our Engagement
  1. Client was able to understand the all major area of non drug category and their current scenario

  2. Client was able to understand the long term sustainable area for further investigation and how they define their strategies

  3. Matiim also delivered an comparative benchmarking for each of the areas based on certain parameters


Sample Credential 2: Market size assessment and market entry plan development

Client Background
  1. Our client, a leading US digital health company with major portfolio in m-Health, and digital health solution in global market.

Study Objective
  1. Client was interested in identifying the top three markets from a set of 15 markets for its potential expansion strategy and recommendations on a market entry plan.

Matiim Methodology & Approach

Stage I

Market profiling

Compiled data on the chosen 15 markets using secondary sources as well as primary interviews to construct detailed market profiles. Following are the key header against which Matiim collated the data.

  1. Market landscape

  2. Market sizing

  3. Competitive analysis

  4. Key trends

  5. Product and pricing analysis

Stage II

Market prioritization

Developed a model based on a broad range of parameters and conducted several scenario analysis for prioritizing the top three markets

  1. Macroeconomic indicators

  2. Demand-side indicators

  3. Supply-side indicators

  4. Client specific parameters

  5. Market prioritisation model

Stage III

Market entry strategy

Collated the inputs and analyzed companies on various parameters to identify best fit and suitable target/partner for the company

  1. Performed a deep-dive market analysis of the top three markets based on insights generated in the earlier stages and recommended an initial market entry strategy

  2. Modes of entry

  3. Pricing strategy

  4. Channel distribution

  5. Market prioritisation model

Benefits and Outcomes of our Engagement
  1. Identified key markets by applying filters and enabled data driven decision making

  2. An actionable and robust market entry strategy to enter and expand in the identified markets


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